2020 Team Leaders Workshop Report

September 10, 2020
By Liz Weinberg

In July 2020, the leaders of IARPC's collaboration teams came together for a three-day virtual workshop. The purpose of the workshop, which included IARPC's self-forming team leaders, was to provide team leads with the opportunity to interact with their fellow co-leads as well as to develop cross-team discussions on shared interests and priorities as they continue to implement the Arctic Research Plan (2027-2021).

The workshop had four main goals:

  • Develop collaboration team action items needed to complete the existing five-year Arctic Research Plan (2017-2021)
  • Develop better integration of self-forming teams
  • Discuss cross-cutting issues among collaboration teams
  • Promote consideration of long-term goals in light of the next five-year plan (2022-2026)

The workshop summary report is now available.

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