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March 11, 2020
By Jessica Rohde

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Jonathan Ryan Co-production of shorefast ice knowledge in Uummannaq Bay, Greenland March 9, 2020Mar 11, 2020 by Jonathan Ryan 

Lee Cooper Arctic Science Summit Week will go on-line only See for updates on the on-line transition for the ASSW that was to be held in Akureyri at the end of March. The US delegates met today by teleconference and discussed how we…Mar 10, 2020 by Lee Cooper 

Holly Kent AOOS looking for New Project Ideas and Proposals The Alaska Ocean Observing System (AOOS) is inviting new project ideas and proposals to include in our next 5-year cooperative agreement with NOAA’s Integrated Ocean Observing System (IOOS). …Mar 10, 2020 by Holly Kent 

Katie Lund Center for Environmentally Threatened Communities February Newsletter The Center for Environmentally Threatened Communities (CETC) at the Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium (ANTHC) has published its February 2020 newsletter. This issue features a story about a…Mar 10, 2020 by Katie Lund 

John Pearce Limits of Biological Invasions to the Bering Sea The Bering Sea generates half of the seafood harvest in the United States as well as a substantial portion of the Russian harvest and sustains subsistence cultures for dozens of coastal Alaska as…Mar 10, 2020 by John Pearce 

John Pearce Sea Star Wasting Disease and Environmental Factors in Coastal Alaska Multiple federal, university and other partners were involved in a recent effort to document spatial and temporal variation in sea star communities in intertidal habitats of the northern Gulf of…Mar 10, 2020 by John Pearce 

Christine Mataya NASA Funded Paper: Evaluating Simulated Soil Carbon Dynamics in ABoVE Domain NASA-funded researchers published the following paper in Environmental Research Letters in February 2020: Huntzinger, D.N., Schaefer, K, Schwalm, C., Fisher, J.B., Hayes, D., Stofferahn, E., Carey,…Mar 10, 2020 by Christine Mataya 

Dorothy Castille Native Center for Alcohol Research and Education 2020 Call for Pilot Grant Applications (Michael McDonell, PhD, WSU) The primary intent of the Native Center for Alcohol Research and Education (NCARE) Pilot Project Grant Program is to fund and foster innovative research projects that focus on reducing the burden of…Mar 9, 2020 by Dorothy Castille 

Jonathan Ryan Co-production of shorefast ice knowledge in Uummannaq Bay, Greenland Some background and recent findings from our Navigating the New Arctic project, "Co-production of shorefast ice knowledge in Uummannaq Bay, Greenland".Mar 9, 2020 by Jonathan Ryan 

 Henry Huntington Climate change in context—putting people first in the Arctic (Henry Huntington et al.) Paper about the other concerns of Arctic residents beyond climate change, arguing that climate change needs to be examined and understood in a wider context rather than assumed to be the biggest…Mar 9, 2020 by Henry Huntington 

Henry Huntington Evaluating the effects of climate change on Indigenous marine mammal hunting in northern and western Alaska using traditional knowledge (Henry Huntington et al.) Paper about changes in marine mammals and marine mammal hunting in northern and western Alaska, including effects of changing sea iceMar 9, 2020 by Henry Huntington 

Henry Huntington Observations on shorefast ice failures in Arctic Alaska and the responses of the Inupiat hunting community (Craig George et al.) Paper describing shorefast ice failures near Utqiagvik/Barrow, Alaska, and consequences for Inupiat whalersMar 9, 2020 by Henry Huntington

Henry Huntington Knowledge Risks, and Consequences of Changing Shorefast Ice (Henry Huntington) This presentation will review the use of shorefast sea ice by coastal communities in northern Alaska, considering the implications of recent changes in shorefast ice conditions, the role of knowledge…Mar 9, 2020 by Henry Huntington 

 Christine Mataya NASA Funded Paper: Airborne Mapping Reveals Emergent Power Law of Arctic Methane Emissions NASA-funded researchers published the following paper in Geophysical Research Letters in February 2020: Clayton D. Elder, David R. Thompson, Andrew K. Thorpe, Philip J. Hanke, Katey M. Walter…Mar 9, 2020 by Christine Mataya 

Roberto Delgado Survey: Field Work as Preparation for Graduate Studies On behalf of Dr. Michelle Brown (see below). Preliminary results will be presented at a round table organized by NSF Program Officers during the 89th Annual Meeting of the American Association of…Mar 6, 2020 by Roberto Delgado 

Meredith LaValley ASSW Community Meeting: Developing an Arctic Research Plan The preparation of Arctic Research Plan 2022-2027 will begin soon, with a view to release in late 2021. The Interagency Arctic Research Policy Committee is seeking a wide variety of perspectives and…Mar 31 by Meredith LaValley 

Dorothy Castille Native American Research Centers for Health (NARCH) NIH Funding Opportunity Announcement Native American Research Centers for Health (NARCH) (S06 Clinical Trials Optional), PAR-20-125, The National Institute of General…Mar 5, 2020 by Dorothy Castille 

Christine (Tina) Crossland National Institute of Justice Safety Health and Wellness Strategic Plan 2016-2021 (DOJ-NIJ) NIJ has developed the Safety, Health, and Wellness Strategic Research Plan to describe the current and projected efforts of NIJ to promote the safety, health, and wellness of individuals affected by,…Mar 5, 2020 by Christine (Tina) Crossland 

Roberto Delgado Safety, Health, and Wellness Strategic Research Plan (2016-2021) from the National Institute of Justice The National Institute of Justice (NIJ) of the Department of Justice has a Safety, Health, and Wellness Strategic Research Plan that describes the current and projected efforts of NIJ to promote the…Mar 5, 2020 by Roberto Delgado 

Lisa Guy 2020 Polar Technology Conference Livestream Available The Polar Technology Conference, which will be held during during 10–12 March 2020 in Boulder, Colorado, will be offering free livestream access. The goal of the meeting is to link experts in…Mar 4, 2020 by Lisa Guy 

Colleen Strawhacker NSF Dear Colleague Letter: Critical Aspects of Sustainability (CAS): Micro- and Nanoplastics (MNP) This Dear Colleague Letter (DCL) encourages the submission of proposals that tackle some of the fundamental…Mar 4, 2020 by Colleen Strawhacker 

Lisa Rom Undergraduate Opportunity for Arctic cruise experience Calling all undergraduates interested in Arctic sciences! Apply to participate in a science training cruise aboard the R/VMarcus Langseth from 25 Aug – 30 August from Ketchikan, AK to Dutch…Mar 4, 2020 by Lisa Rom - Topics Arctic Communities, Alaska, Arctic Research, Early Career Opportunities

Jessica Rohde Contract Position Available: IARPC Web Manager & Community Coordinator The Interagency Arctic Research Policy Committee (IARPC) seeks a creative professional to use web-based skills to advance Arctic science coordination at a critical time in the Arctic research…Mar 4, 2020 by Jessica Rohde

John Pearce Movements and Habitat Use of Loons for Assessment of Conservation Buffer Zones in the Arctic Coastal Plain of Northern Alaska Few data exist to assess the value of National Petroleum Reserve-Alaska management buffer zones for yellow-billed loons or sympatrically breeding red-throated and Pacific loons. USGS and National Zoo…Mar 4, 2020 by John Pearce 

Colleen Strawhacker Webinar: Creating Supportive Institutions and Providing Effective Mentorship in STEMM from the National Academy of Sciences Government-University-Industry Research Roundtable Creating Supportive Institutions and Providing Effective Mentorship in STEMM …Mar 19 by Colleen Strawhacker 

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