Collaboration Team Activities for January 2020

February 18, 2020
By Jessica Rohde

Each of IARPC's Collaboration Teams meet once a month to share research progress and news relevant to their community. They are open to anyone who wants to join and can contribute to our Arctic research efforts. Join any teams you wish by requesting an account on our member space. 

Here's what the teams discussed in January 2020:

Marine Ecosystems and Glaciers & Sea Level January 24th Meeting (Agenda, Notes (see comments), Recording)


Glaciers & Sea Level: Did not meet


Permafrost January 27th Meeting (Agenda, Notes (see comments), Recording)


Terrestrial Ecosystems January 16th Meeting (Agenda, Notes (see comments), Recording)

  • Topic: Alaska Integrated Ecosystem Model team presents CMIP5 climate-driven ecosystem responses
  • Presentations:
  • Highlights: IEM- Integrated Ecosystems Model- explores how landscapes are expected to respond to change and targeted at the management community. Primarily a terrestrial model looking at coupled nature of disturbance, biogeochemistry, permafrost, and vegetation dynamics. IEM has several applications outside the project (NGEE-Arctic, SERDP, BLM Rapid Ecoregional assessments, Permafrost Carbon Research Coordination Network, Bonanza Creek and Caribou-Poker Flats LTERss, NSF EPSCoR Northern Test Case). The IEM team acknowledges a gap between data availability and users and are developing web app to help close this distance. Looking for users to give input via survey and to join web app co-production team.
  • Performance Elements: 7.1.1, 7.1.2, 7.1.3, 7.1.4
  • Linkages to other teams: MST
  • Relevant Links:
  • What’s next: Arctic Greening- February 20th


Coastal Resilience Meeting January 21st (Agenda, Notes (see comments), Recording)

  • Topic: Responding to Relevant Resolutions from the Alaska Federation of Natives Convention
  • Presentations:
    • Ben Mallott (Vice President AFN) will speak on relevant resolutions passed during theAFN  convention in November 2019
  • Highlights: We will discuss two 2019 Convention Resolutions (19-56 and 19-61) involving climate change action/needs, how AFN resolutions work, what happens with resolutions after the AFN convention, and how could/should the science community get involved.
  • Performance Elements: 8.1.1
  • Linkages to other teams: All other Collaboration Teams
  • Relevant Links:
  • What’s next: Economic Research Relevance to Resilience


Environmental Intelligence


Arctic Observing Systems Meeting January 15th (Agenda, Recording)


Arctic Data January 19th Meeting (Agenda, Recording):


Modeling and Glaciers & Sea Level January 30th Meeting (Agenda, Recording)


Diversity & Inclusion January 17th Meeting (Agenda, Notes (see comments), Recording)

Health & Well-being:




Sea Ice November 18th Meeting (Agenda, Notes (see comments), Recording)


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