This Week on they Member Space: IASC Medal Nominations, 3rd Arctic Science Ministerial, Funding Opportunities

December 20, 2019
By Jessica Rohde

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  • Caribou Use of Habitat Near Energy Development in Arctic Alaska, from John Pearce - USGS Alaska Science Center
  • Nominations for the 2020 IASC Medal due Dec 31, from Matthew Druckenmiller - University of Colorado Boulder/ Study of Environmental Arctic Change/IASC
  • Funding Announcement, Bureau of Indian Affairs Resilience Funding: Deadline March 2, 2020, from Roberto Delgado - Office of Polar Programs
  • NASA Changes in the Arctic Boreal System (CABS) Science Task Group Recommendations for an Arctic Boreal Zone-Observing Network (ABZ-ON (Bryan Duncan and Lesley Ott) from Meredith LaValley - IARPC
  • Terrestrial Ecosystems and Arctic Observing Systems Collaboration Team Meeting, from Meredith LaValley - IARPC
  • Cryospheric Sciences with ICESat-2 Hack Week, June 15-19, 2020, from Axel Schweiger
  • Arctic Data and Coastal Resilience Collaboration Team Meeting, from Meredith LaValley - IARPC
  • NATO Research Specialists' Meeting on "Capabilities for Sensing, Search and Surveillance in the Arctic", from Martin O. Jeffries – CRREL/ ERDC/ USACE
  • NIHB 11th Annual National Tribal Public Health Summit, from Angelica Al Janabi - National Indian Health Board
  • USGS Alaska Science Center New 5-year Arctic Research Plan, from John Pearce - USGS Alaska Science Center
  • Rapid Change: 2019 in Northwest Alaska’s Oceans and Impacts to Ecosystems and People- Recording Available, from Meredith LaValley - IARPC
  • Bureau of Land Management (BLM) Arctic District Office November 2019 Permitting Activity Update, from Stacey Fritz - BLM Arctic Field Office
  • Arctic Report Card 2019 - Now Available!, from Kelley Uhlig - NOAA
  • Advancing and Sharing Arctic Research: SEARCH AGU Town Hall, from Sara Bowden - IARPC
  • Joint Polar Satellites for Arctic Applications (Lihang Zhou/NOAA), from Sara Bowden - IARPC
  • NOAA's Joint Polar Satellite System Program Overview, from Sara Bowden - IARPC
  • This Shouldn’t Be Happening- Bethel Search & Rescue Presentation on the Need for a Rescue Airboat in Our Region (Mark Leary) from Meredith LaValley - IARPC
  • White House OSTP Releases Report on America’s Leadership in Global Earth Observations, from Sara Bowden - IARPC
  • Polar Science Program Opportunity for High School Students, from Natalie Stephenson
  • AGU Town Hall: Voices from the Front Line of the Bering Sea, from Sara Bowden - IARPC
  • Arctic Observing Summit 2020 - Call for Poster Abstracts, from Ravi Darwin Sankar
  • AGU Town Hall Flyer: Voices from the front lines of a changing Bering Sea, from Raychelle Aluaq Daniel - Arctic Institute of North America
  • UN Decade of Ocean Science - Arctic Regional Workshops, from Kelley Uhlig - NOAA
  • Voices from the front lines of the Bering Sea - AGU Townhall event, from Raychelle Aluaq Daniel - Arctic Institute of North America
  • PTC Save the Date, from Lisa Guy - ARCUS
  • 2020 Polar Technology Conference, from Lisa Guy - ARCUS
  • Presidential Memorandum to Accelerate Ocean Exploration and Map the U.S. EEZ and Alaskan Shoreline and Nearshore, from Sara Bowden - IARPC
  • The IcePod - the new Podcast of the Year of Polar Prediction, from Sara Pasqualetto - Polar Prediction Project
  • U.S. Arctic Youth Ambassadors Program - Application Period Open, from Meredith Rubin - Department of State
  • December 2019 One Health Group Meeting, from Meredith LaValley - IARPC
  • Health & Well-being Collaboration Team Meeting and One Health Group Quarterly Meeting, from Meredith LaValley - IARPC
  • Surface Radiative Effect of Arctic Low-Level Clouds: Evaluation of Imagery-Derived Irradiance with Aircraft Observations (Sebastian Schmidt), from Meredith LaValley - IARPC
  • Navigating the NSF System Workshop at AGU, from Colleen Strawhacker - National Science Foundation
  • Witness the Arctic, Fall 2019: Now Available Online, from Betsy Turner-Bogren - ARCUS
  • AGU presentation highlights by Shima Shams "High latitude ozone variation and their relationship to Sudden Stratospheric Warmings" (Shima Shams), from Irina Petropavlovskikh - CIRES/NOAA
  • Call for papers: Tenth International Congress of Arctic Social Sciences (ICASS X), from Andrey N Petrov - University of Northern Iowa
  • "Methane increase over the Barents and Kara Seas after the autumn pycnocline breakdown: satellite observations", from Leonid Yurganov - UMBC
  • Arctic Research Community Reception in San Francisco, CA, from Brit Myers - ARCUS
  • Request for Information Issued on the American Research Environment, from Sara Bowden - IARPC
  • NASA ICESat-2 Surface Height and Sea Ice Freeboard Paper, from Christine Mataya
  • Third Arctic Science Ministerial, from Sara Bowden - IARPC
  • Remote Sensing of the Cryosphere: Sea Ice and Freshwater Ice sessions at AGU, Friday, Dec. 13, from Walt Meier - National Snow and Ice Data Center
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