Synopsis of October 2019 Collaboration Team Meetings

November 12, 2019
By Jessica Rohde

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October 2019 Collaboration Team Meetings Synopsis

Health & Well-being Meeting: Did not meet

  • What’s next: TBA

Atmosphere and Modeling Joint October 22nd Meeting (Agenda, Notes (see comments), Recordings)


Sea Ice and Coastal Resilience Joint October 28th Meeting (Agenda, Notes (see comments), Recording)


Marine Ecosystems October 24th Meeting (Agenda, Notes (see comments), Recording)


Glaciers & Sea Level and Modeling Joint Meeting October 10th Meeting (Agenda, Notes (see comments), Recording):


Glaciers & Sea Level Meeting October 25th Meeting (Agenda, Notes (see comments), Recording):


Permafrost October 8th Meeting (Agenda, Notes (see comments), Recording)

  • Topic: A Ted Talk: IPCC Special Report
  • Presentations:
  • Highlights: Ted offered some advice for how to read and find information in the Summary for Policy Makers report, which is divided into Observations, Projections, and Responses, and how the report might be used by scientists to communicate with policymakers. Ted described the rigorous review process and consensus with policymaker process for the IPCC report.
    • Ted posed these two questions:
    • How to find and use assessment messages about permafrost (and other cryosphere/polar)?
    • How can the wider community communicate IPCC findings more widely?
    • Links to graphics from the report and further information to be provided shortly, so stay tuned!
  • Performance Elements: 6.2.2, 6.2.3, 6.2.4
  • Linkages to other teams: AOSST, ADST, MST
  • Relevant Links: NA
  • What’s next: Subsea Permafrost Expert Opinion Survey with Sara Sayedi - November 12


Terrestrial Ecosystems: Did not meet


Coastal Resilience Meeting: See Sea Ice

  • What’s next: TBA

Environmental Intelligence:   

Arctic Observing Systems Meeting: Did not meet


Arctic Data October 31st Meeting (Agenda, Recording):

  • Topic: The Role of NGOs in Federal Data Management Strategy
  • Presentations:
  • Highlights: The presentations illustrated work NGOs are doing outside of the Federal and academic realms in which IARPC typically operates.
  • Performance Elements: 9.4.1
  • Linkages to other teams: EICT, TECT
  • Relevant Links: See above
  • What’s next: Polar Data Forum Debrief- November 28th


Modeling Meeting: See Atmosphere and Glaciers & Sea Level


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