This week on the member space: AGU Arctic sessions, post-doc opportunities

October 21, 2019
By Jessica Rohde

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  • Now Available Online: 2019 Sea Ice Outlook Interim Post-Season Report from Betsy Turner-Bogren - Arctic Research Consortium of the U.S
  • Modeling and Marine Ecosystems Collaboration Team Meeting from Meredith LaValley - IARPC
  • Survey for Arctic Council CAFF to capture a snapshot of Alaska Arctic monitoring efforts (Aleutian Islands to Beaufort Sea) from Danielle Dickson - North Pacific Research Board
  • Survey for Arctic Council Conservation of Arctic Flora and Fauna (CAFF) Working Group from Danielle Dickson - North Pacific Research Board
  • Synopsis of September 2019 Collaboration Team Meetings from Meredith LaValley - IARPC
  • Arctic Domain Awareness Center Mid-October 2019 Update from Church Kee - Arctic Domain Awareness Center
  • ADAC Northern Blue Economy Workshop Final Report 14 Oct 19 (Elle Matthews, Jason Roe, Church Kee and others) from Church Kee - Arctic Domain Awareness Center
  • ADAC's Arctic Crisis Weather Coordination Workshop Report (Elle Matthews, Jason Roe, Church Kee and others) from Church Kee - Arctic Domain Awareness Center
  • ADAC Customers and Partners Round Table Agenda and Plan from Church Kee  One Health Group Summary from Jessica Rohde - IARPC Smithsonian Arctic Studies Center 2018 Newsletter #26 from Bill Fitzhugh - Arctic Studies Center
  • Postdoctoral Training Opportunity in Advancing Indigenous Partnerships for Community Well-Being from Dorothy Castille - NIH/NIMHD
  • Diversity & Inclusion Working Group Meeting from Meredith LaValley - IARPC
  • How to Write a Federal Interagency Research Plan: Information on the upcoming IARPC Plan development process from Meredith LaValley - IARPC
  • IARPC Town Hall at AGU: Federal Interagency Coordination for Research in the Arctic from Sara Bowden - IARPC
  • Smithsonian Fellowships and More: STEM Education Working Group meeting from Sara Bowden - IARPC
  • Simulating 21st century iceberg calving from the Greenland Ice Sheet with SERMeQ from Lizz Ultee - Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • Revisiting and revising crevasse depth models from Chris Borstad - Montana State University
  • Regarding Post-Doctoral from Mohammd Rafiq - Sathyabama University
  • Arctic Futures 2050 Conference Recordings Now Available from Brit Myers - ARCUS
  • USGS Alaska Regional Office announces 2019 Annual Science Report from Dee Williams - US Geological Survey
  • Earth Science Week Wikipedia Edit-a-thon from Shane Hanlon - American Geophysical Union
  • Project CREATeS - Circumpolar Resilience Engagement and Action through Stories from Roberto Delgado - Office of Polar Programs
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