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September 25, 2019
By Jessica Rohde

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  • NOAA Fisheries releases study looking at vulnerability of Eastern Bering Sea Fish, Crab, and Salmon Stocks to Climate Change from Candace Nachman - NOAA
  • Slides now available: Communicating Science with Policy Makers Using Storytelling and Elevator Pitches from Kelsey Aho - United States Forest Service
  • PolarPredictNews 12 - Year of Polar Prediction International Coordination Office from Sara Pasqualetto - Sea Ice CT
  • Permafrost Carbon Network Newsletter from Christina Schaedel - Northern Arizona University
  • Seattle Times Series on climate change in the northern Bering Sea from Jessica Rohde - IARPC
  • Podcasts, Books, and Resources for Developing Understanding of Indigenous Perspectives from Meredith LaValley - IARPC
  • Arctic IoNS 2019 Nome Workshop Report (Church Kee and ADAC Team) from Church Kee - Arctic Domain Awareness Center
  • Accepting Applications PolarTREC Program 2020-2021 from Janet Warburton - ARCUS
  • Communicating Science with Policy Makers Using Storytelling and Elevator Pitches from Jessica Rohde - IARPC
  • Coastal Resilience and Arctic Observing Systems Collaboration Team Meeting from Meredith LaValley - IARPC
  • Historical Ecology for Risk Management: Youth Sustainability (HERMYS) from Anne Garland - Applied Research in Environmental Sciences Nonprofit
  • Climate Change Theater Action from Anne Garland - Applied Research in Environmental Sciences Nonprofit
  • Accelerating research through international network to network collaborations (AccelNet) (Claire Hemingway) from Meredith LaValley - IARPC
  • US Permafrost Association Membership Benefits from Kelsey Nyland - George Washington University
  • Call for Participation: “Gender in Polar Research: Gendered field work conditions, epistemologies and legacies” from Allen Pope - NSIDC/ International Arctic Science Committee
  • Arctic Data Sub-team September 2019 Topic - Human Capital Session from Jonathan Blythe - Bureau of Ocean Energy Management
  • 'New' data sets available from National Snow and Ice Data Center from Kelley Uhlig - NOAA
  • Unusual Mortality Event for ice seals in the Bering & Chukchi Seas Declared by NOAA from Candace Nachman - NOAA
  • Job Announcement: Deputy Director position at NOAA's Ocean Observing and Monitoring Division (OOMD) from Kelley Uhlig - NOAA 
  • The Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act, Our Alaska Native Corporations and Why They Matter (Kim Reitmeier) from Jessica Rohde - IARPC
  • New Publication on How Permafrost Hydrology Influences the Contribution of Old Carbon to Stream Food Webs from John Pearce - USGS Alaska Science Center
  • Lighting the Pathway to Faculty Careers for Natives in STEM Program 2019 from the American Indian Science and Engineering Society from Dorothy Castille - NIH/NIMHD
  • Permafrost Collaboration Team Meeting from Meredith LaValley - IARPC
  • Suicide Prevention Awareness Month from Roberto Delgado - Office of Polar Programs
  • 2019 Alaska Seabird Die-Off Information Sheet (US Fish and Wildlife Service) from Robert (Robb) Kaler - US Fish & Wildlife Service
  • Arctic students in the news from Kaja Brix - NOAA/Univ of Alaska Fairbanks
  • Workshop: Transdisciplinary Research on the Changing Arctic and its Global Impacts: Enhancing Capacity for Convergence Science from Colleen Strawhacker - National Science Foundation
  • IARPC's Compilation of Resources for Building Relationships and Collaborative Research with Arctic Communities from Jessica Rohde - IARPC
  • How did the late July Greenland surface melt event follow the European heatwave? from Richard Cullather - NASA
  • Boreal Forest Fires Could Release Deep Soil Carbon from Michael Falkowski - NASA
  • Training the Next Generation of Permafrost Enthusiasts (Melissa Ward Jones) from Benjamin Jones - University of Alaska Fairbanks
  • Permafrost Coastal Systems Special Issue from Benjamin Jones - University of Alaska Fairbanks
  • Diversity and Inclusion: AFS journal from Kaja Brix - NOAA/Univ of Alaska Fairbanks
  • Report released on Alaska's Changing Environment from Hajo Eicken - Univ of Alaska Fairbanks/IARC
  • International Congress Arctic Social Sciences - ICASS X from Andrey N Petrov - University of Northern Iowa
  • Ocean Sciences 2020: Session on Variability of high-latitude convection and ocean, sea-ice, atmosphere interactions from Milena Veneziani - Los Alamos National Laboratory

3rd Polar Data Forum from Peter Pulsifer - University of Colorado/ IASC-SAON Arctic Data Committee/ELOKA

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