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September 5, 2019
By Jessica Rohde

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  • [Ocean Sciences 2020] Session on the Changing Thermohaline Structure of the Arctic Ocean from Jiaxu Zhang, Los Alamos National Laboratory
  • Iceland Met Office presentation on Arctic Council chairmanship priorities from Shanna Pitter Combley, NOAA/NWS
  • Arctic Earth System Modeling workshop from ShannaPitterCombley, NOAA/NWS
  • Bacteria feeding on Arctic algae blooms can seed clouds from Jessie Creamean, Colorado State University
  • Iceberg topography and volume classification using TanDEM-X interferometry (Son Nghiem) from Christine Mataya, NASA
  • Call for Manuscripts on Structural Racism from Dorothy Castille, NIH/NIMHD
  • 2019 August Sea Ice Outlook Report Now Available Online from Stacey Stoudt, ARCUS
  • 10 Days Left! Session on Sustainability of Ocean Services: Resilience & Resource Management @ OSM2020 from Guillermo Auad, Bureau of Ocean Energy Management/IARPC
  • KNOM Radio: Latest Research From Chukchi Sea Finds More Warm Water, Harmful Algal Blooms from Amy Holman, NOAA
  • Alaska's Changing Environment: documenting Alaska's physical and biological changes through observationsfrom Nikoosh Carlo, CNC North Consulting
  • Highlights of SAON's Proposed Guidelines for its Roadmap for Arctic Observing and Data Systems (S. Starkweather) from Sandy Starkweather, University of Colorado, CIRES
  • SAON's Guidelines for a Roadmap for Arctic Observing and Data Systems - Review Phase from Sandy Starkweather, University of Colorado, CIRES
  • Health Related Funding Opportunitiesfrom Dorothy Castille, NIH/NIMHD
  • Research cruise blog: Searching for Tiny Clues to Changing Seas from Renee Crain Wagner, NOAA/NSF
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