Research Mapping for Arctic Communities: Coastal Resilience Collaboration Team and Field Operations Working Group August 2019 Meeting

August 12, 2019
By Jessica Rohde

This meeting is open to anyone who wishes to participate! This discussion-based meeting is hosted jointly by our Coastal Resilience Collaboration Team and Field Operations Working Group. To participate, request an account at IARPC Collaborations. The connection information is available on the event page

Wednesday August 14, 12 PM Alaska Time / 4 PM Eastern Time

Discussion Questions

Where do communities go for information? 

  • Are social media sites areas where science information about a region could be posted?
  • Are there regional email groups or listservs that communicate science information?  If not, would people be interested in signing up for one if it was created?
  • Would it be helpful if researchers share information over radio programs or in community newspapers?

 How can the research community better deliver findings to communities?

  • Are there current methods for this that are useful?
  • What kinds of information are useful for communities to have?  Dates of projects in the area? Results?
  • Are tools or resources needed to help interpret the information?

 If a website existed with research activities paired with maps, would that help?

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