Collaboration Team Meetings Synopsis March 2018

April 9, 2018
By Jessica Rohde

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March Collaboration Team Meetings Synopsis 

Health & Well-being March 20th Meeting (Agenda, Notes):

  • Topic: Overview of Health & Well-being Collaboration Team in 2018
  • Presentations: This meeting was discussion based
  • Highlights: The Health & Well-being Collaboration Team leaders discussed the 4 main priorities for the team in 2018: One Health, food security, permafrost, and wildfires. There was discussion of potential updates to Performance Elements.
  • Performance Elements: N/A
  • Linkages to other teams: ACT, PCT, TECT, CRCT, AOSST
  • Relevant Links: N/A
  • What’s Next: April 17th Meeting in conjunction with One Health Quarterly Meeting

Atmosphere and Modeling March 27th Meeting (Agenda, Notes, Recordings):

Sea Ice and Marine Ecosystems March 21st Meeting (AgendaNotesRecordings):

Glaciers & Sea Level and Terrestrial Ecosystems March 8th Meeting (Agenda, Notes, Recordings):

Permafrost March 19th Meeting (Agenda, Notes, Recordings):

Terrestrial Ecosystems Meeting

See Glaciers & Sea Level Collaboration Team Meeting

Coastal Resilience Meeting: Off

The Coastal Resilience Collaboration Team is in the process of an innovative plan for 2018 more information will be available in April and May.

Environmental Intelligence:

Arctic Observing Systems Meeting (Agenda, Notes, Recording);

Arctic Data Meeting: Rescheduled for April 5th

Polar Data Planning Summit and Applications to Extreme Weather, Oceanographic Resource Management, and Social Science Data (Arctic Data Sub-team March 2018 Meeting)

Modeling Meeting:

See Atmosphere Collaboration Team Meeting

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