National Science Foundation Dear Colleague Letter: Stimulating research related to "Navigating the New Arctic"

February 28, 2018
By Jessica Rohde

The National Science Foundation has issued a "Dear Colleague" letter inviting researchers to submit proposals in FY 2018 to advance "Navigating the New Arctic" (NNA), one of NSF's 10 Big Ideas (

Through NNA, NSF will build on its leadership in supporting Arctic science and observations to advance understanding of, and predict the rapid and complex environmental and social changes in, the Arctic region and to provide the tools and knowledge that will enable resilience for a globally-significant part of our world.

NNA research proposals may focus on topics such as:

  • Establishment of observational research sites, observational platforms, or networks of sites to document key aspects of the changing Arctic coupled across terrestrial, marine, glacial, atmospheric and social systems.

  • Studies to understand and forecast changes in the biogeochemical, geophysical, ecological and social processes occurring in the new Arctic. These can include human responses and adaptations as they intersect with environmental change.

  • Studies of feedbacks between the design and engineering of urban and rural civil infrastructure and changes in natural ecosystems such as thawing permafrost and sea-ice retreat and social systems, such as increasing marine commerce.

  • Studies that advance Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics education through Arctic research activities.

Read the letter in its entirety here:

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