One Week Left to Comment on the Principles for the Conduct of Research in the Arctic

January 9, 2018
By Jessica Rohde

The opportunity to provide input for the revision of the “Principles for the Conduct of Research in the Arctic” is coming to a close. The Federal Register notice comment period closes on January 15, 2018.

Comments received before January 15 will be used by the Principles Revision Working Group to revise and strengthen the Principles document. The next phase will be to comment on the revised Principles document when it is released in spring 2018.

As background on the effort, the Principles were adopted in 1990 by the federal agencies that participate in the Interagency Arctic Research Policy Committee (IARPC). Since that time, community engagement and arctic research have advanced both in theory and in practice, necessitating a review and update of the current Principles. The update will focus on communicating clearly the Principles for community engagement by Arctic researchers and including language that describes partnerships and collaborations with Indigenous scholars, enhanced community-based observations, fostering community-based participatory research, and the integral contributions of Indigenous knowledge in the co-production and dissemination of knowledge. 

Please share your thoughts on improving the Principles in one of the following ways:

  1. Email comments to 
  2. Contact one of the working group co-chairs:
    Renee Crain, 
    Roberto Delgado,
  3. Comment through the Federal Register notice: 

You can find the Principles document at

Posted by Jessica Rohde on behalf of Renee Crain (NSF) and Roberto Delgado (NIMH), Principles Revision Working Group Co-Chairs

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