Welcome New Collaboration Team Leaders: Emily Osborne and Molly McCammon!

January 4, 2018
By Jessica Rohde

IARPC is pleased to welcome two new Collaboration Team leaders to our family. The new leaders of the Environmental Intelligence Collaboration Team will be Molly McCammon, Executive Director of the Alaska Ocean Observing System (AOOS), and Emily Osborne, who has been supporting the EICT as part of the IARPC secretariat for the past year through her Knauss Fellowship at NOAA. They will join Anjuli Bamzai to lead the team. Learn more about their background and experience at the above links.

On January 2, Jeremy Mathis will be taking a detail on Capitol Hill and will step down as the co-lead of the EICTWe are grateful to Jeremy for all the work he did in the drafting of the Environmental Intelligence goal of the Arctic Research Plan 2017-2021 and his leadership in getting it launched over the past year. 

The full roster of collaboration team leaders is attached. 

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