Arctic Science Ministerial Handover to the European Union, Finland & Germany

October 23, 2017
By Jessica Rohde

At the close of the "Arctic Science Ministerials" breakout session on 14 October at the Arctic Circle Assembly in Reykjavik, Iceland, Dr. Martin Jeffries (Executive Director of IARPC) and The Honorable Fran Ulmer (Chair, U.S. Arctic Research Commission "passed the gavel" from the United States to the organizers (the European Union, Finland & Germany) of the 2nd Arctic Science Ministerial, which will be held in Berlin, Germany, on 25-26 October 2018.

From left to right: Gunn-Britt Retter (Norway & Saami Council); Fran Ulmer (USA); Tapio Ksunen (Finland); Wilfried Kraus (Germany); Andrea Tilche (European Commission); Volker Rachold (Germany); Martin Jeffries (USA).

As the gavel was passed, Martin said "I had many hopes for the first Arctic Science Ministerial (ASM-1). One of those hopes was that it would not be the first and last Arctic Science Ministerial. Thanks to the European Union, Finland and Germany, there will be, as you heard earlier, a second Arctic Science Ministerial—ASM-2—in late October 2018 in Berlin, Germany. I am very pleased to say that the United States is committed to participating in the second Arctic Science Ministerial and looks forward to working with all the parties to further strengthen international scientific cooperation in the Arctic. And now, as Fran Ulmer and I give each of the ASM-2 co-chairs this report on ASM-1, we are delighted to pass the symbolic Arctic Science Ministerial reins across the North Atlantic Ocean, appropriately in Reykjavik, Iceland, only a few kilometers from the mid-Atlantic Ridge."

Fran Ulmer opened the breakout session with a talk on "The Arctic Science Ministerial 2016: Why was it held and what was its goal?". Martin then spoke about "Organizing an Arctic Science Ministerial: Lessons Learned and Best Practices".

Posted by Jessica Rohde on behalf of Martin Jeffries, IARPC

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