IARPC Welcomes the Arctic Domain Awareness Center to the Member Space

October 9, 2017
By Jessica Rohde

IARPC is pleased to welcome the Arctic Domain Awareness Center (ADAC) to its new network on the IARPC Collaborations member space. ADAC is a U.S. Department of Homeland Security Center of Excellence hosted by the University of Alaska. ADAC seeks to develop and transition technology solutions, innovative products and educational programs to improve situational awareness and crisis response capabilities related to emerging maritime challenges posed by the dynamic Arctic environment.  The network provided on the IARPC Collaborations member space will facilitate information sharing information and new collaborations between ADAC’s collaborators and partners and the broader Arctic research community. 

Highlights of information sharing on the ADAC network include:

  • ADAC’s funded Request for Proposals “to advance maritime spatial understanding, resilience, and awareness to achieve safety and security in the maritime domain.” (Full post available here)
  • Two ADAC hosted sessions at the Ocean’s 17 meeting in Anchorage on marine safety with diminishing ice and a Town Hall session where any and all Arctic maritime minded researchers may present their current or proposed research or research concepts. (Full post available here)

Anyone who can contribute is welcome to join our member space as well as the ADAC network. If you are interested, please first request an account and then join the ADAC Network here.

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Membership in IARPC Collaborations is subject to approval and adherence to the codes of conduct.


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