Arctic Research Plan 2022-2026 Media Kit

In December 2021, the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy released IARPC’s Arctic Research Plan 2022-2026. Building on the successes and communities of practice of the 2017-2021 plan, the new Arctic Research Plan is a bold strategy for a changing Arctic. It outlines a vision for federal agencies to address emerging research questions about this vital region, and provides pathways to strengthen relationships between federal agencies and Indigenous communities, academia and non-federal researchers, the state of Alaska, nonprofits, and private sector and international organizations.

With fact sheets, downloadable flyers, and social media graphics, this media kit is for journalists, organizations, and others interested in spreading awareness about the Arctic Research Plan 2022-2026.

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flyer promoting the arctic research plan 2022-2026

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Wondering what the fed govt has planned for Arctic research? The new @IARPCCollab Arctic Research Plan 2022-2026 has been released! Check it out, and learn how you can get involved:

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The Interagency Arctic Research Policy Committee (IARPC) has released the new Arctic Research Plan 2022-2026. The new plan outlines a bold five-year vision for federal agencies to address emerging research questions about this vital region. It outlines key research goals that will address community resilience and health, Arctic systems interactions, sustainable economies and livelihoods, and risk management and hazard mitigation.

The rate at which new research questions are emerging in the Arctic requires quick and decisive action. The Arctic Research Plan 2022-2026 responds to this need by aiming to deliver science and knowledge to decision-makers in the Arctic and beyond. IARPC is now asking the public to get involved in implementing the new plan. Learn more:


Members of the press and other interested parties can contact:
Liz Weinberg
IARPC Web Manager and Community Coordinator

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