Updating the Implementation Plan for the Arctic Research Plan 2022-2026

The Arctic Research Plan 2022-2026 outlines a vision for federal agencies to address emerging research questions about the Arctic, and provides pathways to strengthen relationships among federal agencies, researchers, and Arctic communities. It is a high-level strategy; its overarching goals are accomplished through two-year implementation plans with specific objectives and deliverables.

Federal agencies and the IARPC Collaborations community are successfully meeting many of the deliverables of the Arctic Research Plan’s first implementation plan, and are now beginning to craft the next two-year plan (2025-2026) which will be released in November 2024.

This implementation plan will be an update of the first one, rather than a completely new plan. Some deliverables from the 2022-2024 plan will continue on in 2025-2026; others will be adjusted and new ones will be added. We are asking the Arctic research community to help us celebrate our successes and accomplishments, highlight where we need to shift our attention, and suggest where new research deliverables may be needed.

You can submit your input via this form through the end of May.

IARPC will be holding an informational webinar on March 18 and additional information sessions at key Arctic research conferences from March through May. Sessions include:

Additional events will be added to this list as they are confirmed.

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