Permafrost Discovery Gateway Webinar: Maps with a Message

May 23, 1 to 2pm EDT

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The Permafrost Discovery Gateway (PDG) hosts a monthly webinar series on a Thursday at 09:00 Alaska time. The series invites speakers who are potential users of the PDG and who have an understanding of communities' permafrost-related geospatial data & tool needs. The webinar series aims to 1) build connections between people interested in permafrost-related geospatial data; and 2) give the PDG development team a better understanding of end-users' needs when addressing permafrost thaw hazards. Check out the past presentations on YouTube.

This spring, the webinar series addresses using big geospatial data and remote sensing for community planning applications across permafrost regions.

In this webinar, Greg Fiske and Daniel Coe will present "Maps with a Message."

Join us for each webinar via zoom link here.