Polar STEAM: Broader Impacts Success Through Educator Collaborations- Arctic STEM Collaboration Team May Meeting

May 2, 3 to 4pm EDT

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Polar STEAM, which stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math, integrates and enhances two long-standing National Science Foundation (NSF) programs—the Polar Educators program and the Antarctic Artists and Writers program—and facilitates virtual and deployment collaborations with scientists conducting research in the polar regions. Joining the programs creates new opportunities to connect the perspectives and work of creatives, educators, and researchers in some of the most interesting, vulnerable, and critical ecosystems on the planet. Expanding participation in the program to include faculty from community colleges and Minority Serving Institutions and virtual educator participants will allow both programs to reach new audiences and better engage the next generation of researchers and science learners.

Thumbnail image via Polar STEAM

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