IARPC Program Manager Chat: Supporting Open Polar and Cryospheric Science at NSF & NASA

May 31, 3 to 4pm EDT

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The new Arctic Research Plan 2022-2026 articulates the need for continued work towards ethically open data and research practices. But what does “open science” mean for Arctic research funders? And how can you get funding to support it?

Come to this IARPC Program Officer Chat with Thorsten Markus & Kaitlin Harbeck (Program Officers for Cryospheric Sciences at NASA) and Allen Pope & Kelly Brunt (Program Officers in the NSF Office for Polar Programs) to talk about what open science means in their programs, and how NASA and NSF provide funding and support to advance open polar and cryospheric science. After short presentations, there will be ample time for Q&A with the panel of program officers.

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