Polar Data Planning Summit and Applications to Extreme Weather, Oceanographic Resource Management, and Social Science Data (Arctic Data Sub-team March 2018 Meeting)

April 5, 2018, 1 to 2pm EDT

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Meeting Overview

The Polar Data Planning Summit (PDPS) (May 22-24, Boulder CO) will bring together a number of representatives from a wide range of different active polar data programs and projects.  The focus of the meeting will be on work planning and persistent coordination of effort towards improved interoperability. This meeting will complement past workshops and fora (e.g. IPY, Polar Data Forums etc.) that have been effective in defining important community challenges and technical issues. The focus of the Summit will be to generate detailed plans on how best to mobilize existing and soon-to-be initiated funded activities to develop a set of international data sharing use case.  The PSPS was introduced to IARPC ADST in the fall of 2017 and updates have been provided in subsequent meetings.  This meeting of the ADST will focus on informing and coordinating participation of the IARPC community.  Specifically, we will discuss core elements of the PDPS.

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