Developing US Engagement in a Roadmap for Arctic Observing – AOSST readouts from ASM2 and dialog on supportive actions: Arctic Observing Systems Sub-team November 2018 Meeting

November 27, 2018, 3:00 to 4:15pm EST

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1) Second Arctic Science Ministerial- Observing Related Read-outs
Brief context of Second Arctic Science Ministerial- Sandy Starkweather (NOAA)
2) 4:30 Observing pre-meeting- Peter Pulsifer (NSIDC), Hajo Eicken (UAF)
3) 16:00 Science Forum- Larry Hinzman (IASC) and Martin Jeffries (CRREL)
5) 28:45 Navigating the New Arctic walk through- Roberto Delgado (NSF)
6) 39:30 Dialog on mechanisms for generating greater US engagement in international efforts, SAON, AOS and the Roadmap concept 

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