Arctic Research Plan 2022-2026

What is the Arctic Research Plan?

By law (the Arctic Research and Policy Act of 1984), the Interagency Arctic Research Policy Committee (IARPC) develops and implements an Arctic Research Plan (“the Plan”) every five years, with the goal of improving the collective impact of Federal agency investments in Arctic research. IARPC is beginning development of Arctic Research Plan 2022-2026.

FAQ and background

Past and current Arctic Research Plans are available on the About page of the IARPC Collaborations website.

Some basic facts

  1. IARPC’s Arctic Research Plans are U.S. Federal documents.
  2. Plans reflect the research what Federal agencies are currently funding or committed to fund in support of their agency missions in the Arctic. There is no new money associated with the plans.
  3. Arctic Research Plans do not try to cover all Federally-funded research in the Arctic but rather focus on research which will be enhanced through cooperation between Federal agencies.
  4. The plans to date have primarily focused on basic research but may include applied research as well.

How you can contribute:

We are currently looking for broad input on the structure, goals and objectives of the Plan.

  • Submit through the Federal Register Notice
  • Submit your ideas through this online form.
  • Comment or direct message us on the IARPC Collaborations facebook page.
  • Participate in public webinars (dates to be announced)
  • Contact us if you would like IARPC leadership to come to a conference or meeting in your community or if you would like to receive printed documents for distribution at your meetings. (Meredith LaValley, or 940 733 5675)

Relevant Documents



  • Coming soon!


Federal Register Notice

Previous Webinars

Plan Development Director

Plan Development Steering Group

  • Simon Stephenson (Plan Development Steering Group Chair, Section Head, Arctic Sciences, NSF)
  • Kaja BrixArctic Program Director, NOAA Fisheries, Alaska
  • Roberto DelgadoProgram Director, Arctic Observing Network, Office of Polar Programs
  • Colene HaffkeDeputy Program Manager, Cryospheric Sciences, NASA
  • Martin Jeffries, Technical Director (acting) for Cold Regions Science and Engineering & Research Physical Scientist
  • Renu JosephProgram Manager, Regional and Global Climate Modeling, DOE
  • Maija LukinWestern Arctic Parks Superintendent, National Parks Service
  • Candace Nachman,  Arctic Liaison, NOAA Fisheries
  • John PearceResearch Manager, USGS Alaska Science Center
  • Elizabeth PowersScience Coordinator, USGS
  • Jackie Richter-Menge, Commissioner, USARC

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